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Jon, Amy & Luca McLaughlin

A few months ago I had the privilege of traveling up to Indiana to photograph Jon and Amy McLaughlin and their sweet little girl Luca. It was for the 2nd issue of The Influence Magazine. The fabulously talented lady in charge, Hayley, invited me up to collaborate for the magazine. Amy and Jon were so gracious to welcome us into their beautiful home! I’m warning you that you’re going to fall in love with their cute place! If my husband would let me paint our floors white I’d to it in a heart beat. I loved seeing how they created such a chic and cozy home. It’s also a pleasant surprise to meet people in the music industry who are so down to earth and authentic. Jon is an incredibly talented singer-songwriter and is coming out with a new album soon! (You can check it out here!) I remember listening to his songs as a music major in college. I have to admit that I was so jealous of his talent on the piano. I used to think listening might motivate me to practice my classical pieces, but alas it did not. I still enjoyed listening nevertheless. Industry has to be my favorites. The beginning piano part gets me every time!

PS: These girls that put on The Influence Network  are the real deal! If you haven’t heard of their network, you should check it out! They host an annual conference every year and Lara Casey (one of my heroes) will be there this year along with several other sweet and authentic speakers.

Thanks for allowing us into your lives and home you two!


Ashley Holstein - <3 in love with their home, such beautiful images Jen!

Kristen O - Wow, what an amazing opportunity! Congrats! I follow Jessie, one of the Influence Network peeps and I totally agree…the real deal! I’m so happy for you! & how cool that you used to listen to his music in college!

Breanne Johnson - How perfect is this? What a beautiful family and lovely home, you captured it perfectly. :)

Lindsey Peterson - I love Jon’s music! That is awesome! And such great photos!

paige - jennifer, these images of some of my favorites of yours…ever!
beautiful creative captures.
their home is simply charming AND i love their style.
that kimono? oh my! & their typography art? wow!

i was not familiar with influence until today & i am completely smitten and will definitely follow them!

well done!

jennifer blair - Thank you so much Paige! ;)

Radich Eben - Lol what’s a lovely home

Raíla Soares - Beautiful family. Jon is a fantastic artist! I admire him very much, specially for being such an inspiration for so many people who listen to his music. :)

Amanda Heloisa -

Marta LouSil - Lovely

Stella Dawson - AWWW. JUST A BIG AWW.

Elleyah - He’s such a talented artist.Smack INTO YOU. IS one of my favourite songs of his…

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