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2012: A year of change and progress

It has been quite a year. I can’t believe how much has changed, and how much I have changed. It’s been a year of good things and much introspection. I feel like I have come into my own more than ever in my life. I think I’ve finally embraced my skin and what makes me who I am. I’m content with my lot. I know that sounds cheesy, but God and I had a lot of hashing things out this past year. He showed me who I really am and it’s not pretty. Then He gave me a mission. He put in me a passion. What’s crazy is that I often choose ordinary and safe things over His way. Gosh, if I could only get that through my thick skull. What I know seems easier, but He beckons me go further than my ability, to get out of my comfort zone and go after what He has put in my heart. This year is proof that His plans are good and better than I can dream or imagine. It has been a year of more change and progress than I ever thought possible, for myself and in business (honestly, they are nearly one and the same anyway).

It’s been a good year, but things haven’t always been peachy. Struggle finds me often, but by God’s grace I am stronger in Him. I see things differently. January of this past year brought fresh vision. He was just beginning to open my eyes to His plans. Now I see another small part. I’m so excited to see what all He has in store for 2013. I hope I am obedient enough to follow His way.

Anyway, thank you all for sharing in this journey with me! I’m so grateful for all of you who have taken the time to encourage me and lift me up. I’m so blessed by all of my sweet clients/ friends as well. You guys have given me such a gift by letting me into your life. Well, I better end this before I go on forever! Here’s a few highlights from this past year! (Sorry in advance for this being so long! Hehe. I’m so wordy!)

2012 Highlights

– Attending Passion 2012. I can’t image a better way to start the year than with worship and studying the word. God really started some things in my heart here.

– Message in a Bottle story shoot in March. This was my first styled shoot of sorts. It opened up a whole new world for me. I loved it.

– Sissy’s visit in April. Michelle’s visit used to be very sparce and precious. We made the most of every second. It really was one of the highlights of the Spring!

– Attending the Making Things Happen in May. This conference changed so much about my life and business. Lara, Emily and Gina shared so much of their hearts and helped us sort out our own. I was so astounded by their kindness. It was a turning point for me. More here.

– Our anniversary trip to ATL. My sweet hubby surprised me with a long weekend to Atlanta. I love any chance to get away for a while. I love adventuring with my guy.

– My first session with my bestie. She was a great model. I love helping people see how beautiful they are in everyone else’s eyes.

– Getting Published in Artful Blogging. This was such a huge honor for me! It came as a complete surprise. I will probably keep it forever. ;)

– Our vacation to the mountains and DC in July. Ah, there is nothing like staying in the Smokies. Being surrounded by that kind of beauty and majesty is completely breathtaking. I can’t wait for next year!

– My sister moving up to school close to our house. I can’t even express how excited I was to have my sister move close to us! We have such a grand time together.

– Rebranding and launching my new website August 29th. This was by far the biggest highlight for my business this year. Jordan was such a joy to work with through the whole process.

– Having my Urban Chic Rooftop Wedding Session featured on Style Me Pretty. Man, this was such a dream come true! I’m so grateful for all those who played such a big part in making it happen. It truly was a miracle. I hope to do more of this kind of thing in the new year!

– Finally fulfilling a dream by shooting on a sailboat at sunset. It was such a joy to shoot my brother and sister-in-law. They are just precious together.

– Moving to our cuttle little 1920’s house! Living in our new house is such a blessing. I love this old home with all it’s character, charm and creaks.

– Attending the Making Brands Happen Webinar. Again, this was another pivotal conference for the business. I’m so grateful to Lara and Emily for being so generous with their knowledge and expertise.

– Getting our own photos done in a cotton field. My sister was so kind to take our photos for us. I’m kind of in love with that guy in them. :) It was so much fun being on the other side of the camera for once.

– Spending our 3rd Christmas together. I really can’t believe we’ve spent three Christmases together. This year was extra special since we spent it in a house!


Of course there have been many other small little highlights, but I won’t bore you! I’ll leave you with a few favorite photos from this past year! I’m so excited about 2013 and all it may bring!

Stacy Driggers Hill - A beautiful tribute to the past year and what God has done in your life! I can’t wait to see where He takes you in 2013 and I look forward to seeing the pictures:-)

Jennifer Blair - Thank you so much Stacey! :) Thank you for always being so encouraging! You are a blessing to me!

Karen Cannon - Always enjoy reading your blog and looking at your pictures! You have a true talent and are such a sweet heart!

Allison - What a full year you’ve had! I’m so glad your business is doing so well…you are amazing! Loved looking at your favorite pictures from 2012! Happy NYE!

Jennifer Blair - Thank you so much Mrs. Karen! Much love to you and your sweet family!

Michelle Johnson - Wow, it’s been such an amazing year! So many memories… I’m so thankful God has allowed me to be apart of your journey. I would of never dreamed I’d get to work with my sister :)

Meredith Sledge - Love your favorites! They’re all so great!

{amy k. } - so fun to watch your photography business and talent grow and expand. such beautiful photos!

Chantel - :) Yes, overall 2012 was a great year! I can’t wait to see what God has in store for you for 2013 -you are going places Mrs. Jennifer Blair!!

paige - jennifer, i don’t know how you do it every time but each session is absolutely amazing!!
your photography is my all time favorite. ever since i “found” you i have such a photography crush!!
happy 2013!!

Holly - Happy new year, Jenn!
I’m glad your past year has been awesome, certainly your photography has! :)

Jenessa - Very beautiful and so exciting! Wow such a great year! I can’t wait to see all you do next year and I always love reading your blog. Blessings to you, Jennifer, and Happy New Year 2013!

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