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Featured on Style Me Pretty & A Miracle

This shoot almost didn’t happen. As I look at the photos from my first real styled shoot, I’m overwhelmed with gratefulness. I’ve been working on it for months. I’m not really sure why I stuck with it. As soon as I worked out one detail, another one would fall through. It happened again and again. Despite everything, I kept dreaming about this idea. I knew it would be magical. Finally, everything fell into place last week. It seemed so evident to me that the Lord was the one working out those little details. I was giddy with anticipation over everything except for one minute detail – the weather. Living close to the coast during hurricane season is downright unpredictable. My heart sunk as I looked at the forecast. A doozy of a hurricane was supposed to hit on, you guessed it, the day of the shoot.

 We went forward anyway, praying.

The day of the shoot came and I woke to sunshine. The days before had been filled with rain, but the sun brought me hope. In my gut I knew that if I trusted the Lord with everything that He’d take care of it. I knew He was asking me to put my faith in Him. Well, as soon as we started setting up on location the bottom fell out of the sky. The radar didn’t look good. We waited for 3 hours, but the steady downpour continued. I have to be honest, I doubted. It seemed silly to ask for a miracle for such a temporal thing as a styled shoot! There are people starving, praying for food and there I was asking God to stop the rain for what? Photography? It all seemed a bit ridiculous. Then again, He was the one who has put me on this path to begin with. If this is how He wants to show out in my life, then so be it.

At 6:15 we were running out of time. So we prayed. We prayed that God would be glorified. We prayed that He’d get all the credit for the shoot. After we finished I knew what step I needed to take – I needed to start setting up in the rain anyway. You see faith is more than just believing, it’s taking action on what we believe. I believed He was big enough to stop the rain, despite the doubts of whether he would or not. Deep down I knew I needed to put myself out on the line. I did it, but in the back of my mind I was thinking about how foolish I’d look if I had to take it all down again. My faith is small, but my God is big. 

You guys, I can hardly even say what happened next. By the time I finished setting up the canopy and lights the rain had stopped. I hardly even had time to think as we quickly put everything together. It was happening, but it didn’t seem real. God knew I’d need the extra hands last minute and they were there. Get this, there was another photographer there who was able to pick up my backup and get a few shots too. He also gave us a beautiful sunset. I am still so in awe.

Today, this session is featured over at Style Me Pretty. You can find the post here. I’ll be posting more here tomorrow. To God be the glory.


Bree Holloway - Wow, what an amazing experience! I have no words. To God be the glory!

I saw the pictures – beautiful! I love the setup. :)


Margaret - What an amazing path you are on. I just LOVE your work, I’m so drawn to it. Clearly this is where God wants you. He has given you a talent, and you are rocking it sister! I love your heart! :)

Kerrie Williams - Wow Jen I am so happy for you! Amazing things are happening, girl. Your story — the whole thing — is incredible.

Mindy - They turned out so beautiful! I am glad it worked out for you!!!

Natalie @ NS Pottery - Amazing & so inspiring!! He cares about every little detail!

AnnaKate - Wow, what an absolutely beautiful shoot, Jennifer! Our God is so amazing to have all this in His perfect plan and control.

Jen - The styled shoot looks gorgeous! The colors and the fairy lights… love it. Plus, this?

“You see faith is more than just believing, it’s taking action on what we believe.”

That is just what I needed to read today. :) Happy Sunday!

Allison - Jennifer! Congratulations! This is so exciting…I love Style Me Pretty. What makes this even better is your faith. I love this story. God is good!

sobrina - so pretty!! I’m happy that it all worked out :)

Hannah Love - you know what’s crazy.
my sister JUST sent me the style me pretty website a few days ago and i’m so proud of you!
you’re amazing jennifer and I love that you’re on the website!!

Emily - How exciting to be featured on Style Me Pretty!! So awesome! And the pictures are gorgeous!! I love your story behind it, such a testament to trusting God.

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Brooke Tollison - I am so happy for you! Even though I don’t always comment or tell you, I’m always on your blog :) I love your new design and brand and I can’t believe how amazing this is that it’s feature on SMP! You’re awesome!

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michaela - Ah, friend, your heart is beautiful. I love that quote. Our faith is small but our God is big. Yes…big, powerful and faithful. Your beautiful work radiates God’s love and truth and beauty…and He is glorified through your words and actions. This is such an exciting feature!! (Which is why I commented on both posts about this! :)) xoxo

The Arizona Russums - Congrats Jen! This is so exciting!

jordan 3 fire red - thank you for share!

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